Clinique’s New Chubby Stick

Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow TintIf you’ve been by the Clinique counter recently, you’ll have seen their latest Chubby Stick – it’s for the eyes and is much like those eyeshadow pencils you used to be able to buy at the drugstore.

Of course, for $19 this is a much improvement over what you used to be able to get from the drugstore. The colours are fresh and wearable, and there’s not an overload of shimmer in the eyeshadows.

They also wear amazingly well, and work even better if you apply them on top of an eyeshadow base.

My only issue was that the point of the pencils… isn’t one. I prefer to sharpen the pencils and then use them because I get more control over where I’m applying the shadow. These also blend beautifully so you can mix a few colours with ease.

Check them out at the Clinique counter or at

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2 Responses to Clinique’s New Chubby Stick

  1. These look great! I think I’ll try the Partly Plum shade since it should go well with my hazel eyes. Curious if these pencils go on creamy? Also, if you put over eyeshadow, does that reduce creasing? Lori

  2. Henna says:

    Hi Lori, yes, these do go on pretty creamy but they seem to set, but just not as much as I would like. You could definitely put eyeshadow on top, though I would prefer powder if you want their own colour to come through.

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