Coco Rocha on Fashion Magazine

Love this Coco Rocha look on the winter edition on Fashion Magazine (on news stands now).  I mean, is this not everything you want your holiday look to be and so much more?  The flawless eyeliner, the bright lip, the perfectly matched cheek, and the sleek (seemingly) effortless ponytail?  I know that at the very least, I am going to be rocking the eyeliner and then seeing how I can bring everything else into play too.

Quotes from the interview inside:

On her new role as a mentor on the upcoming reality TV series, The Face:

“It’s fascinating having three different mentors on the show—Naomi being the generation of the original supermodel Trinity, Karolina being part of the whole Victoria’s Secret world and me, who’s known for edgy editorial.”

On sticking up for yourself in fashion:

“It’s important for every model to have a voice. When I started modelling, people said to me, ‘You’re going to have to throw away your beliefs in order to be a successful model.’ But I didn’t.”

On her belief system:

“At the beginning of my career there were photos and moments I wish I wasn’t a part of but I didn’t realize I could say ‘no.’ Now I know that. I grew up—and still am—a practising Jehovah’s Witness and believe in everything the Bible has to say. I’m a Christian first and a model second.”

On future family plans:

“Right now it would be unfair to have a kid in the mess of all my life, but when my work is done, I would love to have kids with James.”

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