Remember those pops of colour I told you about? Well Lise Watier serves them up in eyeshadow quads from its summer collection called Toscana. We have Terre on the one hand that has shades of green in it.

While Mer features a lovely bright blue.

But Henna, I hear you complain, I can’t pull off colour, I don’t want something so bright on my lids!

Relax. Peep the quads again. There’s a reason that Lise Watier makes sure that there are neutral shades in each, and that’s so that you can work them into your look.

I wouldn’t use the bright colours over my whole eyelid unless I was going out. What is cool, is if you take the brighter colour and either use them on the other edge of your eye or use them as liner on the top. That way, you get a bit of colour that just adds a little something extra.

Still not convinced?

Well then try the balms – especially the orange one (it’s on the right-hand end)! Orange lipstick was seen on all the runways for this season, and I’ve had a hard time finding one that I can really get behind, but this is it. It’s pinkish-orange gloss that lets your lipcolour show through so it doesn’t look overly orange.

Whatever you choose, the Lise Watier summer collection offers something for everyone. There’s also a great blush and bronzer that are a part of it and both have a hint of pink in them so that they still look natural. Enjoy!

Oh and one more thing: my own pictures of the lovely quads.

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3 Responses to Colour!

  1. MelX June 5, 2008 at 10:36 am #


    I bought both quads, and I just love them. I also bought the blush and I love it very much too.

    Lise Watier is a high quality product at a very reasonable price.

  2. Nicole June 7, 2008 at 12:31 am #

    Really beautiful shades. Are these available in the US at any retail stores?

  3. psychoexgirlfriend June 7, 2008 at 8:52 pm #

    I saw these the other day and had to pause and peruse over them. Do you remember how much they cost?

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