Hawaiian Tropic Crème Continuous Flow Sunscreen

‘Tis a little late in the year for sunscreen, and that’s why I present to you something that is only spf 10.  It is perfect for these days when moisturizing matters more than sun care, yet you want some protection for driving to and from work.

Hawaiian Tropic Creme Continuous Flow Sunscreen in spf 10 is more of a thick body butter than a regular sunscreen.  It is super moisturizing and still has a touch of sun protection.  This really does have a luxurious feel and smells like the tropics to boot, without being cloying or overly heavy.


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  1. Nicky Bromow says:

    what are you saying? Sunscreen is important ALL YEAR ROUND!!! the sun is as damaging in the winter as it is in the summer!

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