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A little while ago, a reader emailed me to ask me about a contouring palette that she had just bought.  Hers was by Laura Gellar, but she wanted to know whether she had made the right decision in buying it.  I’ll say this: Laura Gellar products are very good and I’ve liked everything I’ve tried (though I hadn’t tried the palette that she was talking about).

The thing is that you don’t necessarily need a palette to do a great job contouring.  All you need is a nice shimmery shadow and a matte bronzer or powder.

Apply the highlighter on the highest parts of your face – the very tops of your cheekbones, your browbones, and the center of your chin.  Apply the bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks and under your jaw.

Blending is key, and you want to make sure that only the effect gets shown and not your makeup.  Step back and take a look at your work.  Can you tell you’ve applied contouring products?  If you can, you’ve put too much.  Contouring only works if you’re subtle.

Contouring kits can be a huge help because if they’re good then the products have been formulated to be sheer and not sparkly, but even without a kit you can do a great job.

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