Kerastase Creme De La Creme Medium Hold Blow Dry Hair Cream

My hair basically needs a blow-dry cream instead of a spray because it’s so curly that a cream will give it more hold and make it smoother.

I’ve been adding Kerastase’s Creme de la Creme blowdrying cream to my regimen and I’ve got mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, it did make my hair smooth and the smoothness lasted.

But on the other hand, because it was cream, I felt that it was a little bit more difficult to get the round brush though my hair so I didn’t like that. That’s generally what I find when I use a heavier blow-dry product. It’s got more stiffness so it’s not great with a brush, but if you’re just doing a rough blow-dry and then going in with a straightener, it works much better.

Like all Kerastase products, this one smells amazing and works as an almost-perfume for your hair too. I like the lasting scent, and this one is fresh and wearable. I definitely skip perfume on the days that I use Kerastase styling products in my hair.

Available in salons or online.


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