Dakota Fanning’s Comeback

It seems that the young Dakota Fanning is having a come back, because she graces the cover of 2 magazines this August: Marie Claire, and the Canadian fashion rag, Flare.

When I saw the Marie Claire cover, I was hugely unimpressed.  I mean, who the heck cares, and what is with the boring August covers?  I get that the issue we’re all going to get is Septembers, but really….

And then I saw the Flare cover and I was majorly intrigued… the photoshoot inside is pretty good too so if you see this on the newstand, have a peek.

Which cover do you think looks better?

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1 Response to Dakota Fanning’s Comeback

  1. FanningManiac says:

    Come Back? I never knew she went anywhere.
    I love both Fanning ladies. They are camera-wise far above most actors. They both have unequaled personality.
    Both are intelligent. They sorta look nice too !!!!!
    If You make me sign in to Facebook or some other garbage site to post here, I will scream.

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