Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse

Dermalogica recommends that you begin your skin care routine with their Pre-Cleanse.

This is the brand that introduced me to the double cleanse, and if you don’t wash your face that way, you should definitely start. It can lead to clearer skin and a reduction of skin issues simply because your skin will be so clean.  And if you’re looking for a good place to get a facial, you can’t go wrong with a Dermalogica one because they incorporate aromatherapy into all their products.Pre-cleanse is a rosemary-scented oil that you massage into your skin. It emulsifies the impurities on your skin and when you add water to it, the oil washes off.

The Pre-Cleanse really does work and makes your skin super-clean without drying it at all. Dermalogica recommends that you follow up with another Dermalogica cleanser, and I did find that when I followed their routine, I had very clean skin without it being dry at all. Even oily skins can use this product, and they’ll find that it cleans your skin without completely stripping it of moisture.

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  1. Fluffkin says:

    I have really oily skin and this even works for me. Really makes your skin feel super clean.

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