Detox with Green Tea from The Body Shop

Fuji Green Tea
I’m paying more attention to exfoliating my skin, which means that it must be almost-summer!  Because it’s still jacket weather at times, I’m skipping the self-tanner right now and instead I’m just going for smoother healthier skin.  I’ve got moisturizer covered, but for really smoothing out my skin, I’m going for The Body Shop’s Fuji Green Tea Exfoliating Soap ($6) and Fuji Green Tea Body Scrub ($22).  Both of them are light and refreshing because they’re not filled with greasy oils or butters.  I use the soap on areas that need lather, and I use the body scrub on areas that are prone to drying out.

If you like the scent, then of course, splurge for the body butter ($20), body lotion ($13), and body sorbet ($18) too.  They all smell fresh and clean and offer different levels of moisturizing.  There’s also an actual Fuji Green Tea bath ($20) and tea diffuser ($5) just so that you can take a Fuji Green Tea infused bath.

Available at Body Shop Stores.

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