Diane Lane – Conehead

I get that volume is key and all that – believe me, I somehow end up catching an episode of Shear Genius on Slice every weekend – but this is beyond.  I mean what do I even say about Diane Lane’s cone head hair style?

The thing is, I bet this was so good in theory.  I bet someone – her or her stylist – had some sort of chic updo all planned out in their head, and then thought they would make it better by adding some volume on top of her head.  But it just didn’t work.  I mean… they should have taken it out, straightened all the hair again, and called it a day.


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  1. Jojo says:

    The volume should’ve been more to the front or more to the back. It’s in the middle of the top of her head…so ya, it’s looks kind of ‘off’.

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