Dior Cherie Bow…

This is possibly the cutest makeup item to come out this season. If there’s a makeup lover you need to get a gift for, this would definitely be it.

Dior Cherie Bow

At $82, the Dior Cherie Bow palettes feature 3 shadows, black cream liner, and a vibrant pink gloss. The packaging it sturdy and the compact closes with a satisfying snap.

Dior Cherie Grey in Rose Poudre

My only beef is with the black liner which is smudgy and not of the long-wear variety, but the beautiful packaging and the versatile shadows mean that this limited edition compact is still vanity worthy.

Dior Cherie Grey in Rose Perle

Available this spring at Dior counters in two colours: Rose Poudre (the first image), and Rose Perle (second image).

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6 Responses to Dior Cherie Bow…

  1. Amanda says:

    Looks like 3 shadows?

  2. Kathy Smith-Woodcock says:

    So cute but really I have found that these fancy pieces arent up to par with usual Dior products, I have only ever purchased two of the special pieces so maybe not always. The 5 colour palettes are great though

  3. Henna says:

    Yes, sorry! 3 shadows not 4. Thanks Amanda!

  4. Henna says:

    Kathy, I kind of agree with you – these are more collector’s items. I love them, but I find that there’s always one or two shades that I won’t use and so it’s kind of a waste.

  5. Megan P. says:

    The packaging is a collector’s must-have, but I almost always stay away from palettes that include gloss AND powders. They always get messed up (don’t ask me why).

    I think it’s nice that they have separate palettes for a day/night look, but if it were me, I’d go with Rose Poudre. If the liner is as smudgy as you say, I guess I’ll stick with my gel liner.

  6. Henna says:

    Hey Megan, you are right about palettes that have gloss and powders, but this one has a metal flap that covers the glosses so that you don’t get any powder into it. It’s pretty ingenious, actually.

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