Dior DiorSkin AirFlash Spray Foundation

This @DiorMakeup foundation is now a classic – not that it’s not available but because it’s been available for so long and it’s awesome.

Although it used to be available in just 4 colours, now it’s available in 11 with even a deep option.  You literally need to press the spray for 2 seconds, and then you’re done.  I buff the foundation out with a makeup brush, and gently wipe off my eyebrows with a q-tip.  You could also spray it on the back of your hand or on your brush and then tap it on.

You just get more precision that way and you don’t run the risk of getting the foundation all over your clothes and your hair. I think that I’d like to use the Dior foundation in a similar way.

Once the foundation sets, and that’s pretty quick, it’s medium-full coverage and feels light and natural on my skin.  It also lasts a long time, but it can still look natural.  The best part?  You could easily spray this on your body and get long-lasting natural coverage too.


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