Dior Escale a Portofino

I continue with my Dior reviews with a bit on their Escale a Portofino which was released in 2008. I know it’s an older scent, but I was so smitten with Pondichery that I had to get this a sniff too, and overall I love the concept of these Escale series. I’ll definitely be more up-to-date when the next one comes out and I’ll have to smell it right away.

In any case, the Escale series focuses on scents in different parts of the world – this time, Portofino. All the Escale scents are very light eau de toilettes, and before you dismiss them, you should know that they have better lasting powers than you would think.

Portofino starts with lemony freshness, that’s quite sharp and acidic. That turns into an orange blossom top note. There’s a middle note of almond in here, which is mild very mild. The whole scent reminds me of orange blossom water mixed with lots of lemon but with so much more freshness, and in a very wearable delivery system. Like Pondichery, this is an airy scent that doesn’t overpower you with its notes. I would say that it’s definitely a unisex one as well, which is nice.

I also have to say that the packaging of the Escales is absolutely beautiful.  The design is simple and that makes it even more attractive.  The bottles are clear with silver tops.  The glass is made to resemble one of Dior’s quilted handbags.  The slim bottle fits easily into the palm of your hand, and allows for generous and easy spraying wherever you’d like.  Because the bottle design is so simple, it looks elegant on a vanity and will go with whatever your decor is.  I hate bottles that are bright pink or glittery or overly coloured because they seem childish and take away from a bathroom or bedroom, but that won’t be the case if you have the Escales on your dresser.

Both Escales are available at fine department stores, throughout Canada and the U.S.

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