Dior Grand Bal Christmas 2012 Collection

This Christmas, Dior gives us a blast from the past with it’s Grand Bal collection. I say that it’s a blast from the past, because the collection features the older Dior packaging which was luxe and beautiful, but essentially out of date when the streamlined packaging of other brands became the norm. That said, seeing the packaging now is refreshing. The gold is back in style, and I don’t think anyone really minds pulling the heavy weighted gold lipstick tube out of their purse.

The collection has four new shades of Diorific lipstick ($38), two new shades of UltraGloss ($31), and four new shades of Dior Vernis ($38) – all in the old-style packaging.

There are also two 5-colour eyeshadow palettes ($60).

The entire collection seems tailor-made to help you get ready for your holiday parties. The dramatic lipstick comes in 4 variations of red (Lady, Diorling, Marilyn, and Diva), and each has a matching nail polish. The Ultra-Gloss can be super sparkly or add some depth to your red lipstick, and the palettes each have a super shimmery gold shadow to help bring the attention to the eyes.

There are also the Dior Grand Bal Lashes ($28) which come in deep black or gold, and are adorned with crystals or pearls.

The palettes are Night Golds:

and Fairy Golds.

I am leaning towards the cooler colours in the Fairy Golds palette.  The super shimmery colour in both wears almost the same, although it looks darker in the Night Golds palette.  As always, the pigment and staying power of the Dior palettes is awesome.

The nail polishes are meant to go with the lipsticks.  Nail polish colours (from left to right) are Diorling, Marilyn, Lady, and Diva.

As usual, the nail polishes are well pigmented and easy to wear – Dior is the one luxury brand nail polish that you can’t ever go wrong with.  They have the right amount of pigment and last a long time on the nails.

Here’s Diva.

It’s a black that looks like brown because of the gold shimmer in the polish.  Unfortunately, once applied, the effect of the shimmer is lost, and from afar, my nails just like very shiny black.  Because of that, I don’t feel like Diva hits it out of the park when it comes to unique nail polish colours, and if you have a nice glossy black in your collection, then you’re pretty much getting the same effect as this polish.  The packaging itself is beautiful, and if you’re a packaging person, you might just want to pick up this polish just for that.  That said, the bottle cap for this polish makes the brush a little hard to handle.

The collection is so pretty that it’s worth it just to get a few pieces as collector’s items – especially the cute polish bottles which look like baubles.

Do you see anything that you’re going to pick up from this collection?

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