Dior Spring 2012 Makeup – Garden Party (and pictures!)

Check it out: Dior’s new Spring 2012 makeup collection allows you to match your makeup to those pretty pastel clothes we’re going to be seeing in stores soon. The colours are – well anything but neutral – but go on sheer and wearable.

My favourites from this collection are the nail polishes – they are scented! You can actually smell the perfume coming out of them for at least a couple of days, which is nice, but the scent is a floral mixed with the usual smell of perfume. It’s a nice gimmick but it wouldn’t make me buy the polishes unless I really wanted to wear the colours. Waterlily is the green, and Forget-Me-Not is the aptly named purple. Fragrance (lotions, etc.) usually eats away at polish and makes it come off, and I did find that these polishes chipped off very quickly.

The quints are gorgeous, of course, and the colours are Garden Pastels, a mix of shades, and Garden Roses, mostly pinks and silvers. ($60 each)

The glosses are Party Lilac and Pretty Rose (middle and right), and also Socialite Pink which will only be available on Dior.com.

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2 Responses to Dior Spring 2012 Makeup – Garden Party (and pictures!)

  1. Kathy says:

    I purchased the Dior garden pastels a couple of months ago after seeing it in a magazine. It is the first I have had of Dior shadows. I had been able to create a couple of quite nice looks but after not usng it for a while I cant seem to recall. It is different in that there really isnt an accent colour, although one could be used. i would like to see a tutorial, looked on youtube briefly and thr few i found didnt meet my need or couldnt follow or just didnt care for the ook. They were very young people. I will have to dig out the sheet that came with it as i think i got a few ideas although as i recall not much. I just bought Lise Watier summer eye and face so have been experimenting, the products never disappoint. I usually get 1 or 2 collections a year if I like it. IT ALWAYS GRABS ME RIGHT AWAY OR not so decision seems automatic. I like the suggestions for several looks they always include great ay to start. I USED TO BE TERRIBLE at eyeshadow and it has only been last couple of years and now its like a hobby. THE 40+ TEENAGER! Any ideas on the Dior Garden Pastels i would love to see, please let me know if u are aware of any, so pretty I HAD to do a lot of searching to find it! Thanks for the blog from CANADA. I love it and its Canadian origins

  2. Henna says:

    Hi Kathy, the way that I used these colours was to just use one of them at a time, depending on the mood that I was in. I used my normal matte brown shadow to contour if I needed to, used black liquid liner on top, and called it a day.

    I found the colours to be great for waking up the eye.

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