DiorSkin Forever Review

Diorskin Forever Extreme Wear Flawless Makeup came out in 2007, and I’ve gone back to it for a bit because I wanted something that was more coverage and would last a long time for some holiday parties.

The foundation is amazing and it would be awesome for NYE.

To begin, it differs from most other long-wearing foundations because its finish isn’t a pure matte. If your problem with other brands of long-wearing foundation was that they left your skin too unnaturally matte then try this one because that is definitely not the case here. The foundation sort of sticks to the skin as you apply it, and sets to a slightly dewy but stay-put finish.

This foundation stays put to the point that it won’t rub off on your hands if you touch your face or won’t wear away.  It would be the perfect foundation to wear for a very long day.  When I tried it, even if I chanced to rub my forehead or rest my chin against my cheek, no foundation came off on my hands. That in itself was almost a miracle. I do have to note that this foundation is scented but the scent faded a couple of minutes after I applied my foundation, and in any case it was quite pleasant to begin with.

What makes it work is that it’s formulated with polymers that kind of coat your skin and set so that it doesn’t rub off, but comes off with makeup remover, or cleanser.

For long days where looking flawless is key, this foundation is going to be my pick. Added bonus: SPF 35, in case you forget the sunscreen.

Find it at your Dior counter. $64.

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  1. mouse says:

    I just wore it for the first time today and i LOVE IT!!!! I put it on at six in te morning and it’s the end of the day for me now, AND IT’S STILL PERFECT!! My skin looks like a super version of itself and it stays like that. Do you know if it’s tested on animals tho?? Prolly right? Cuz i hate that.Damn me, i was to vain to stop and ask when i bought it. I’m off to check peta’s website now, to be dissapointed in myself, probably..

    The stuff’s good tho!!

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