Do Dry Shampoos Work?

Yes they do!

That is the question that I get from people who find out that I have a beauty blog and love to try new products.  “Are you sure?  Do they really work?”

Yes, yes they do.  Absolutely.  Every time.  I use one maybe once a week, and I don’t know what I did before I had one within reach!

My latest love is the Prive Volumizing Dry Shampoo.  Prive is a high-end haircare line, which means that this dry shampoo goes the extra mile.  It’s made of starches instead of talcum, so it won’t leave a white residue in your hair.  The Prive Formule Aux Herbes line means that this dry shampoo smells extraordinarily good, and it instantly plumps up the hair adding body and texture in just a few short sprays.

The instructions say to spray into the hair, wait a few minutes, and then brush out.  I prefer to let it set, and then use my finger tips to rub it in.

It retails for $29, and you can find a salon near you at

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