Do Eye Creams Work?

One of the questions that I always get is whether or not eye creams work.

The short answer is: maybe.

So far, there is no proven ingredient that can really lessen bags or dark circles, and the only things that can help is to drink more water, get more sleep, and use a better concealer.  There are some laser treatments available at the dermatologist’s office that offer relief of under eye circles.

However, there is some good in eye creams.  Some have a cooling gel formula that can give great relief to tired eyes – perfect for if you’ve had a long day or if you’ve been traveling a lot.

Some creams are thicker than those you would use on your face, so they add more moisture to the delicate eye area.  Putting such a cream on your whole face might just make you break out.

Other creams are just an expensive way for you to add to your dresser, and are better left at the drugstore.

Should you get an eye cream?  If it alleviates dryness around that area and you’ll use it: sure, get it!  If it’s just too much for you to spend or if you’re not one that can be bothered with an extra beauty step, then leave the eyecreams to someone else.

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8 Responses to Do Eye Creams Work?

  1. Kathleen says:

    I actually use my eye creams on my extra dry spots on my cheeks for the same reason you mentioned.. they tend to be more moisturizing. 🙂

  2. Jane says:

    I have tried many eye creams over the years and have finally found one that actually made a noted difference in the under eye area. B Kamins Therapeutic eye cream minimized the puffiness and in general made the area look brighter and well hydrated. Love it! Even my co-workers noticed the difference!

  3. Renee says:

    This is all really good to know and somewhat depressing…sigh….Now that I’ve hit a certain age…all those lovely lines are getting deeper and I don’t like it..nope not one bit! Where would one pick up the cream that Jane suggested?

  4. Henna says:

    Renee, you might want to check Sephora for the B. Kamins eye cream.

  5. Michelle says:

    I am in complete disagreement with Henna. I found the perfect eye cream by Isabella Pelle. Extreme Eye Rescue eliminated the puffiness or the tired eye look, and within 4 weeks of applying twice daily, the dark circles lightened considerably. Next time Henna try not making such sweeping statements. It only reduces your credibility as a reporter
    By the way, Isabella Pelle lists all of their active ingredients online. michelle

  6. Shirls says:

    Whether or not Henna is making a “sweeping statement”, at least she’s giving her honest opinion. You, Michelle, on the other hand, I can’t say the same. I’ve seen your name in all sorts of forums and blogs and you’ve been eagerly recommending Isabella Pelle. While I’m willing to try out eyecreams myself–including Isabella Pelle, I can’t help observing the fact that you’re behaving more like a promoter rather than someone who’s sincerely trying to help people out there who face eyebags/dark eye circle problems.

  7. Henna says:

    Michelle, when you can point me to a scientific study that points to an ingredient that can reduce dark circles, then I’ll believe you. Congrats for believing in the placebo effect of the cream you’re selling – the rest of us can drink more water and get more sleep since that’s probably going to work a little bit better…

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