Does Gloves in a Bottle Work?

I keep seeing ads for Glove in a Bottle because it is supposed to give your hands a shield so that you can clean better. If you’ve been deep-cleaning your house because of being home due to the pandemic, then you might have dryness on your hands. I’ve found that repeatedly dipping my hands into Tide water just kills the moisture barrier and there’s no hope to save these hands. Instead, I wear gloves and clean to my heart’s content, and I even get my kids to wear gloves and help me.

On social media, people are talking about Gloves in a Bottle and how it is saving their hands. Honestly, I tried this years ago and I found that it doesn’t have a very luxurious moisturizing feel on my hands. It provides a bit of a barrier to help protect your hands, but I still prefer wearing regular gloves if I am going to repeatedly dip my hands in the water.

Have you guys tried this? Let me know in the comments about what you thought! Are you intrigued by it?

You can find it here. $22.97.

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