Dream is the newest scent by Sharon Bolton Scents and it smells amazing. So good, in fact, that I like to wear it even when I’m not going anywhere. I just like catching a whiff of it every now and then, and the scent is perfect for the winter weather.

The notes include amber and sandlewood but there’s also bergamot, white freesia, and mimosa to keep the scent fresh and wearable.

Sharon Bolton Scents introduced this for the holiday season, but it’s been such a huge hit that they are adding Dream to their regular lineup. If you would like a sample of the perfume oil, email info@sharonboltonscents.com and mention Canadian Beauty in your email!

You can also order the scent by emailing that address, and it is $42 US for a 1/8 oz of perfume oil.

Also, if you missed it, I mentioned Sharon Bolton Scents in my Best Beauty Products of 2007.

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