I know that the warm weather is here by the way that my skin reacts – lets just say that I sport more of a “glow” in the summer than I do in the winter. I’ve tried almost everything out there to help me combat this problem and there’s one product that I keep coming back to.

Lush’s Dreamwash. Now they market this for use on the body, but it has almost the same ingredients as their Fresh Farmacy and Aquamarina so I figured that it would be okay to use it on my face too. It’s much easier to use than the other two products because it’s a creamy soap that comes in a tub letting you scoop out as much as you need instead of rubbing a messy bar over your face.

This stuff works wonders. When I use it in the summer, my skin is clearer and stays oil-free for longer. I still use an oil-free foundation the rest of the time, but I’m lost without this. I hope Lush keeps this one around forever.

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