Drugstore Find: Garnier’s Triple Nutrition Miraculous Oil-In-Spray

Garnier Oil in SpraySo, I recently wrote about having very dry hair – to the point that I’m now applying oil to my hair while I’m in the shower and then rinsing it off for an extra dose of nutrition for my hair, but now I’m adding another step and yes, it’s another amazing product from the drugstore.

Garnier’s Triple Nutrition Miraculous Oil-In-Spray claims to be the first oil in a spray bottle, but let’s be honest, there’s just a small amount of oil in this and loads of other (quite common) hair care ingredients such as silicones and other hair smoothers.

That being said, this is a really lovely product and a very moisturizing one to boot and it’s perfect for those of us with dry hair.

The first thing that I love about this product is that the mist of oil is very fine – so you’re not putting tons of oil on your hair and potentially weighing it down.  Just a light halo spritzed above your head will give you just enough hydration and shine without any heaviness.

This spray is also great for heat-styling – not something I would recommend if this was all oil, but because it’s not, it works so well as a heat protectant for your hair.  I do my fine mist and then go in with my hair straightener, and I’m finding that it glides over my hair so easily and makes it easier for me to get that bend in my hair that I really want.

The final result is dry to the touch (so this is like a dry oil) and I add a little bit extra to my ends to really have them look healthy.

You can use this in damp hair or on dry hair – I prefer using it on dry hair because then I can really see what areas of my hair are super dry and use accordingly.  Damp hair just doesn’t give me that information so I’m liable to put on too much.

The best part has to be the price: $5.79 at drugstores and mass retailers, and it works just as well as some high-end heat protecting sprays that I’ve used.

What a great find!

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  1. Do you think this would work well for a little girl’s tangly hair? I’ve been trying to figure out something to make my daughter’s hair less tangled but haven’t found a solution yet. I’d swear that as soon as I stop brushing it, it actively begins working to retangle itself. It drives me nuts.

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