Drybar’s Detox For Your Hair

This is the best-smelling dry shampoo.  Periodt. Drybar DetoxDrybar is the LA-based blowout bar, and they have a host of hair styling products available in their salons and at Sephora stores.  

If you like smoky oriental scents, then you must stock up on their styling line because they have some of the best smelling hair products I’ve ever tried.  For that reason, I’m stocking up on their Detox dry shampoo ($29) and dry conditioner ($29) – one is made for the roots of the hair, and  the other is for the lengths of the hair.  Both provide dry options to style hair without getting it wet!

The Detox dry shampoo is perfect for absorbing oil at the scalp and for adding some extra body to your hair.  I love using it at night if I’ve had a busy (um, greasy?) day and I know that I’m not going to have time to wash my hair.  I spray the dry shampoo through the roots, and let the powders absorb excess oil while I sleep so that I don’t wake up to lank hair.  This dry shampoo is made of superfine powders so there’s no white residue and you can really build volume with it.  Spray it from arm’s length away lifting hair up as you spray.  

The Detox dry conditioner is one that I use in the morning.  It smoothes my hair without adding extra weight or any oiliness.  It’s still a dry finish but not as dry as a dry shampoo.  I love it for adding some piecy texture to my hair but still being light and workable.

And, I’m finding myself skipping the perfume because both these products smell absolutely amazing!

Check out the entire line online or at Sephora stores.

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