Duwop Revolotion Face

The second tinted moisturizer I tried was the much-talked about Duwop Revolution Face. This one comes in four colours and the last one is a dark tan which means that darker skin tones have an option too! The moisturizer also has an SPF of 15 which makes it a great multitasker.

Straight out of the bottle, the moisturizer is a little thick but warms up as you’re spreading it on. It spreads easily and goes on nicely. Though it feels sheer as you’re applying it, there is some colour there, so you notice imperfections being blurred out. Where the MAC Select Tint actually felt like a foundation, this tinted moisturizer feels like more of a heavy moisturizer.

After putting it on, my skin was immediately “glowy” which was in part due to the slight amount of shimmer, but mostly because of the heavy moisturizer that was added to my face. Throughout the day, the moisturizer wore well, but my face just kept getting shiny and I blotted several times with powder. At the end of the day, I sort of couldn’t wait to wash this stuff off my face. It was just too heavy. It was way too moisturizing even for this winter weather.

The colours offered are great – they are skin-true shades and blend into your natural skin tone nicely. The two darker colours are especially good because they are tan without being yellow or orange based. They look very natural which is great coming from a company that doesn’t really do foundation.

Final Verdict: As a tinted moisturizer Duwop Revolotion Face is best suited for someone with dry or very dry skin since it does moisturize to a high degree. I would also say that this is a true tinted moisturizer – it adds a tint and moisturizer yet does not cross into the foundation category.

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  1. yummy411 March 7, 2007 at 1:14 pm #

    this is exactly my prob with tinted moisturizers. i find that they make me sweat, which is why i got into powders and full on foundation with super light coverage. i’m sure banking on MAC’s mineralize satinfinish!

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