Dyson’s Home Run

I rarely talk about products for the home, but every once in a while there is something that’s really neat. Case in point: the new Dyson City DC26, and no, I didn’t get one for free. I’m writing about this because I love it.

The Dyson DC26 is Dyson’s lightest canister vacuum cleaner. It’s so light that I can carry it around the whole house and not feel like I went to the gym. It’s so light, that it’s actually fun to suck up dirt with it!

The DC26 weighs just 5.2kg and is so small that it fits on a regular 8.5″ by 11″ sheet of paper. It still has a ton of suction, and having used Dyson’s other canister vacuums, I have to say that this is my favourite because it was so easy to use. I also have a central vacuum system in my house, and this blew that away. The amount of suction doesn’t even compare, that’s how amazing this vacuum is.

At $499, it’s certainly not cheap, but considering how much you’ll use this, it’s definitely worth it. Because it’s so light and portable, I found that I didn’t get lazy when it came to the vacuuming and it was all easy to do. I also have a Dyson Animal hand held vacuum and the DC26 beats that because you can use it for more than 6 minutes at a time!

If you’re in the market for a new vacuum, this is one to consider. More than likely, it has all the features you’re looking for and it’s going to be the best suction for the weight.

Check out more at the Dyson website, which even lets you compare different models!

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2 Responses to Dyson’s Home Run

  1. Jolene says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I sure am glad I didn’t get too excited about my supposed win from your blog. I got an email saying I won the tickets to Carrie Underwood in Calgary from your blog, I forced myself not to get too excited though when it said I would get my prize within 30 days and the concert was less than 2 weeks away. Glad I didn’t stress out over finding a babysitter or make my husband use a vacation day at work to go with me, because true to the feeling I had, no tickets ever arrived and the concert is tonight.

    I enter contests when I can, have won a couple of things, but this is the first time I was told I won something and didn’t get it. I normally stay away from blog contests, preferring to stick to contests done by reputable companies rather than a blog that anyone can say whatever they want and claim they have stuff to give away. I have learned my lesson and will go back to that plan so hopefully I don’t get burned again.

  2. Henna says:

    Hey Jolene, you didn’t submit your mailing address and details to actually receive the tickets so I had to pick another winner. It would have been great if you had responded to the email saying that you won, because you were indeed one of the original winners picked. Before taking that day off, getting a babysitter, etc., you probably should have wondered how I would know where to send the tickets and who exactly I was sending them to.

    Better luck next time.

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