Elizabeth Hurley at the Lauder Exhibition

Elizabeth Hurley hasn’t been on my radar for a while and maybe it’s because I know that she represents an age group older than my own; however, seeing her at the Evelyn H. Lauder exhibition in Paris, France reminded me of the kind of makeup that Estee Lauder is really good at.  That’s makeup that’s simple, soft, and pretty.  I learned about that when I made friends with a up-and-coming counter rep at a Holt Renfrew Estee Lauder counter.  His secret to making really good sales?  Keep the makeup soft and pretty, and the buyer will want it.

Whatever products Elizabeth Hurley is using are the ones I want.  I’m going to dig out a nice dark bronze liner, pile on the mascara, and keep the lips nude with a soft pink peach blush to match.  So pretty!  What products would you use to pull off this look?

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