Emmy Hair Style Bests

Another new trend that we saw at the Emmys this year was the wavy hair with crazy volume in it.  I love it because it works with any length and texture of hair, though it does take the right products and a lot of effort to pull it off.  I’ve had a similar look done to my hair, and all I remember is that it took some mousse at the crown and a ton of hairspray, which I was totally okay with, because the final look was certainly worth it.

Christina Hendricks, Claire Danes, and Julianna Margulies did this look last night.  You can see what I mean when I say that it works with any hair texture, because Julianna’s hair is usually super curly and the curl has just been softened in this instance.  I like Claire Danes’ look the best – lots of volume works so well with the length of hair she has, and the smoky eye and pink lip just makes this look glam.

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