Emmy Hair Trend – The Pouf

One of the big hair trends this year at the 2010 Emmys was pulled back hair with a bit of a pouf. The volume, however, was not in the bun. Volume was at the front of the hair, while the rest of the hair was pulled back, making the entire style look almost like a short hair cut instead of just pulled back hair.

The hair style definitely works best on people with high cheek bones because volume added to the top of the head makes the entire head look more rounded than it really might be.

Maria Menounos, Eva Longoria Parker, and Heidi Klum all did this style, and I have to say that I liked Maria Menounos’ the best because it looks sleek and clean despite having a lot of volume. Heidi Klum’s just looked messy, which is never good.

In any case, the style is a nice departure because it adds interest to your look right from the get-go and is still classy and pretty. If you have a special event coming up, this is something you have to try.

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  1. I like Eva Longoria’s look the best. The pouf is slightly to the side which gives the style an elegant AND playful look.

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