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Guys, good skincare doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and if you haven’t checked your local Shoppers Drug Mart for The Inkey List, then head there now.  The Inkey list is a line of skincare products that focus on one ingredient at a time, so you can really find what works for your skin, and cocktail products to take care of your own specific skincare concerns.

I’ve done an overview video, and reviewed a few of their products.

Now I’m into the Inkey List Squalane oil which I had to pull out to combat the dry and cold weather we’ve been having.  If you haven’t put oil on your face, you need to try it, even if you already have oily skin.  Oil just seals everything in, especially hydration, and can combat the drying effects of certain active ingredients.  Squalane oil is one of the thinnest oils out there, and it’s plant-derived, so it works really well for oily skin.  I use it right out of the shower sometimes and that will be the only skincare I’m putting on my face at that time.

The best part of The Inkey List products is that they are all affordable.  This oil is $14.99 in a decently-sized bottle.  Use a bit everyday and the bottle will last you a few months.  I tend to take it out, use it when my skin is ultra dry, and then put it away until I experience that dryness again.


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