Essie Winter 2013 Collection

Group 2 essie WinterThis year, you can forget about wearing those blacks, deep purples, and deep blues. The winter collections do have strong colours, but they’re a step away from the deep dark shades that we’ve seen so much of in previous years. Essie’s Winter 2013 collection is a mix of classic bordeaux shades, blues, and purples.

Group essie Winter

The colours are:

shearling darling—plush ebony red
parka perfect—serenely shimmering cashmere gray
mind your mittens——double diamond black teal
sable collar—lavish pearlescent cocoa plum
warm & toasty turtleneck—wisteria pink angora
toggle to the top—sparkling crushed garnet red

Shearling Darling is a dark vampy red.

essie shearling darling

Parka perfect is a dark teal grey colour.  It’s super pretty especially if you prefer dark shades for fall.

essie parka perfect

Here is Sable Collar.  It really is a cocoa plum colour – think of it as the colour of shimmering hot chocolate.  So pretty and versatile, much nicer than a typical brown colour.

essie sable collar swatch

Check out my swatch of Mind Your Mittens. Essie’s description of it being a double diamond black teal doesn’t really make sense to me. As you can see, this is more of a faded teal. It has a hint of shimmer but really looks like a cream.

essie mind your mittens

Warm & Toasty Turtleneck is a nice mauve pink.  It’s unexpected for winter but it kind of works.

Essie warm and toasty turtleneck

Toggle To the Top looks like a pair of jelly ruby red slippers. It’s a dark red in a jelly finish with red glitter in it.

Essie Toggle to the Top


Overall, this Winter collection has everything you need for your winter polish wardrobe.  There are dark colours, some sparkle, and even a touch of unexpectedness.

Pick it up now.

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