Estee Lauder Compacts

Every year, Estee Lauder releases a set of collectible compacts. No compact is like any other and once they sell out of it, they won’t be releasing the same one again. These compacts are jeweled with Austrian crystals, and are either filled with a solid perfume or a pressed powder (of which one can also purchase refills).

The compacts are always beautiful to be sure, but I had no idea that people collect them with such passion. I met a woman who has almost every compact ever released and has set them up in a very authentic-looking Estee Lauder display case in her home, complete with glass shelves, and museum-style lighting. Another woman keeps them locked up in a cupboard and only shows them to those friends that appreciate fine workmanship.

Below: pictures of some of the compacts. I am enchanted by the gilded cage.

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