Estee Lauder Projectionist

Today I am sporting the new Estee Lauder mascara, Projectionist (yes, I know that when I saw “new” I’m about a month late, but hey, I just got it!).

Estee Lauder (the company, not the woman) says that the mascara wand will give me volume by separating and coating my lashes with a mascara that has pearl in it so that they also look natural.

I say that I like this mascara so much that it’s the one I’m now using daily. Overall, I am impressed by the amount of immediate lift it gives to my lashes. They are sort of curled upwards and really are defined. One coat of this mascara is impressive, but two coats do an even better job. You won’t get uber-glamourous lashes but a volume that’s better suited for daytime. There’s no clumping, no smudging, and the brush is traditional but very easy to use. If you are going to get a new mascara soon: get this.

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