Eyeko Graffiti Pen Eyeliner Review

When I first saw an eyeliner that looked like a magic marker, I thought it was the greatest idea ever.  Magic Markers are washable so why hadn’t someone thought of this sooner?

Eyeko is an Asian brand, and I would never have thought to pick something up by them, but then Wynzie gave me an Eyeko eyeliner because she had a backup and she saw that I was really into trying new black eyeliners.

The Eyeko Graffiti liner is a magic marker type pen and it comes in black, navy, and purple.  I thought that it would be difficult to use because the nib looks a little thick, but I actually had really great results with it!  The pen is easy to maneuver because it’s not wet like liquid liner brushes can be, and I don’t get any of the ink on my eyelashes as I apply.  Because of the ease of use, I find that it’s also a little easier to draw on a cat eye!

The formula can’t be beat.  You get a nice rich black, but there’s no smudging or fading as the day goes on.

I really don’t know which Canadian stores sell Eyeko, but you can try purchasing from their website.  This pen is only $8 and totally worth it.  Wynzie got hers when she was abroad travelling through Asia.

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