Fake Nails: Kiss Gel Fantasy Press On Nails

Guess what?  Not a fan of fake nails or long nails.  I guess it’s because I type on the computer a lot, or because I’ve just never liked the look of fake nails.  They kind of make you seem frivolous?  And … yeah, I’m writing that on a beauty blog, so I recognize the irony there, but that’s ok.

But then I saw these Gel Fantasy nails by Kiss, and they were just the perfect shape for my hands, and I heard that the Gel Fantasy nails are actually thinner than the regular Kiss nails, so I thought I would try them, because I do have quite thin nails.

So check out my nails.  I think they looked pretty great, and I wore them to a dinner party and got tons of compliments!

But, they did not last. I ended up doing tons of dishes that day, and at the party, and by the end of the day, I had lost a couple of nails which was not a cute look.  I did apply the nails with the glue that came with it, and I think that water ended up getting under the nails again and again and again and cause the glue to loosen and the nails came off. I think the glue that comes with the nails is pretty much like crazy glue which is meant to come off with hot water, and lots of doing dishes = nails coming off.

I did like that they gave me 24 nails and there were lots of size options for my nails.  In some cases, i could use more than one size for my nails, because the options were that close together in size.  I also had the option of doing a feature nail (the gold glitter one that you see) or just keeping them all the same colour.  I was impressed with the sizes and the options so I think that there are options for everyone.  Even though there were 24 nails in the package, there weren’t enough to do my nails twice.

Would I use these again?  For sure.  But only for special occasions, and I wouldn’t expect them to last more than a day. Think of them for the holidays.

Check them out at the drugstore.

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2 Responses to Fake Nails: Kiss Gel Fantasy Press On Nails

  1. Discordia says:

    You didn’t apply properly then. I use these and they last at least 2or 3 weeks. You need to lightly buff the top of your nails just to remove the shine. That’s the oils on your nails that will prevent the glue from holding. Don’t file them, just lightly buff. Then apply the nails. They will stay on for a long time if you do this.

  2. Henna says:

    thanks for the tip! I still use these from time to time, so I’m going to try this next time. I think water seeps in under them and then the glue comes loose and they fall off.

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