Fall Fashion Fix: Rich and Skinny Jeggings

Though I am by no means a fashion blogger, I thought I would share some of my seasonal finds with you this fall, since fall shopping is my absolute favourite.

This season, though I’m on the look out for a perfect pair of coloured denim or slouchy pants, I saw the Rich and Skinny trouser jean leggings and I had to get them. I like that they look different than a traditional pair of jeans, and that they have pockets that aren’t that obvious. I’m also always a sucker for a dark wash because it’s so versatile for the winter, and by the time the summer comes along, they’ve faded to something lighter and most likely summer appropriate.

I haven’t bought a pair of Rich and Skinny jeans before, so I will see what the quality is like before I buy another pair. Jeggings have a tendency to stretch out and it will interesting to see whether these do, and if so how much. Also, I like my jeans to be low maintenance so I throw them in the washer and dryer with all my other clothes. A good pair of jeans can withstand anything, and I hope these do as well.

My favourite brands thus far are Citizens and 7’s because their jeans fit me well and are good quality! No buttons ever falling off, or stitching coming loose. I know it should happen anyway, but you’d be surprised…

Rich and Skinny is available everywhere, including RichandSkinny.com (which ships to Canada), and I got my pair from Honey in Toronto. Retail price was $225, but the price online is clearly much better so shop around!

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