Fashionopolis by Dana Thomas

I read this book while I was on vacation this December, and it’s definitely one that has stayed with me.  Might be a good one to pick up while you’re at home!  Order online and don’t go out if you can avoid it!

Fashionopolis is about the impact that the fashion industry has on the environment and the people who work in it.  Only 2% of people who work in the fashion industry earn a living wage, and a lot of that is because of fast fashion.  The book is an investigative report into the way that clothes are made, but also takes a look at the people in the industry who are trying to do better and have invested in leaving this world a better place through their work in the fashion industry.

The book features interviews with Stella McCartney, whose designs are vegan.  It also takes a look at the brand Reformation, which is a place where I like to shop.  And it visits other brands who are manufacturing materials that are better for the environment via using less water or producing less waste.

This book inspired me to shop less, to recycle, and really be mindful about how I shop.  We vote with our dollars, and so I’ve made a commitment to make less fast fashion purchases and really think about what I need, versus what I want.

I hope you read this book too!


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