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Find a Fragrance

When you’re in the market for a new perfume, the selection out there can be very overwhelming. There’s all the new offerings on the market, and then there are the other scents already in the air. Where to begin and how to find something perfect?

It can be helpful to look at fragrances you already like or have liked in the past to find something that will suit you now. Let me introduce you to the Sephora Fragrance Finder.

Now, you can put in your favourite perfume and ask Sephora to find you matches, but I prefer searching by notes simply because Sephora doesn’t carry every perfume brand, right? Instead of just picking what you think is your favorite kind of fragrance and being stuck on that, I recommend taking your time and really perusing each and every note. Doing this, you’ll find fragrances you know and love in different categories and when you find the category that has the most of your favorite scents, then you could pick other scents from that category.

For example, I found that most of my favourites were in the floral category where as I had previously thought that I was a more oriental person. Does that mean that I loved all the perfumes in the floral section? Of course not! I also found a couple of the Clean scents in there, and those aren’t particularly my style. But, going through the list really helped me find other perfumes that I might want to try and also made it easier for me to answer the question: “Well what kinds of perfumes do you normally like?”

Going into any perfume store can be so overwhelming sometimes, and having it all laid out in front of me on a website really helped.

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