Finding The Right Summer Blush

Our mild winter is over, spring has officially arrived, and summer (believe it or not) is just around the corner. From a lifestyle perspective, the change of seasons means different things for different people: it may inform your exercise routine, your weekend plans, and your choice of restaurant. It might certainly get you to be more active and outdoorsy. And, of course, the arrival of summer means that you can stash your heavy winter clothes and embrace the brightness and lightness of warm-weather fashion.
Embracing summer fashion is more often than not easy and fun to do. After all, who doesn’t like changing up their wardrobe? But there are elements of summer style that you’re probably less looking forward to. Take makeup, for example: while you likely don’t want your makeup to drip down your face in the warm summer heat, you probably also don’t care to forgo cosmetics altogether and present yourself with less radiance this season.

Which brings us to a not-uncommon conundrum: what type of blush should you wear in the summer? Is cream or powder preferable in hot, humid conditions?

Some people will simply choose “none of the above” and avoid makeup entirely when out and about during the summer. This approach is certainly an easy one, especially if you are tan enough and clear enough to get away with the natural look. But those of us who look subdued without makeup and worry about how to get treatment for acne may see no choice but to wear blush during the summer months – even if doing so is less than idea.

So which is better, cream or powder? Let’s break it down:

Advantages of Powder
-Less likely to melt at high heats
-Looks more natural (and less glistening) when combined with sweat

Advantages of Cream
-Stays longer than powder under warm conditions
-Looks more natural, especially when sweat is involved
-Doesn’t get blotted and cakey as easily

These are the main advantages of powder and cream. If you expect to be in especially hot conditions, powder may have a slight edge over cream. On the other hand, in more mild and less sweaty summer weather, cream’s natural look and staying power may give it an edge. But ultimately the right blush depends on individual factors – ie your looks and your lifestyle needs. Which type of blush do you use in the summer? What works best for you?

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