Flower By Kenzo La Cologne

For the summer, Kenzo has reformulated Flower into a cologne format. The original was an eau de parfum, and although I loved it, I could really only bear it in small doses, and most often on other people rather than on myself.

The La Cologne has me hooked, however because I can use it more liberally and frequently and thus get an overall diffusion of scent rather than it being very concentrated in just once place.

The scent is a combo or citrus, rose, and neroli. The base is still a musky one and it’s so powdery that it almost reminds me of soap. The scent is clean throughout and retains true cologne-like qualities: it is super fresh at the beginning, the citrus notes die out within hours, and at the end of the day it is more of a scent memory than anything else.

This is sold in a 90 mL bottle that is wider and larger than the original Flower by Kenzo bottles and available throughout the summer.

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