Foam Self-Tanners – What Gives?

It’s not even July and we’ve already tried a gamut of self-tanning lotions.  We tried a few with shimmer this spring, but unless you’re in a major hurry, your best bet is going with a lotion that works gradually.  You’ll make fewer mistakes, and when you do make a mistake, it’ll be subtle and easy to correct.

The one product that has us totally stumped is a foam application of self-tanner.  I’ve tried it and I can’t figure out what the draw would be for using it.  You can’t tell where you’re putting it, it’s not moisturizing so you’ll probably have to use another product too, and this means that you’re not going to get a flawless application.

What about you?  Have you had success with foam self-tanners?  Why?

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1 Response to Foam Self-Tanners – What Gives?

  1. Allison says:

    I like Neutrogena’s foam self tanner. I have never had any problems with application and it actually smells pretty good. I am really pale and the fair/medium colour gives me a healthy glow. Best of all, I have never had any problems with dark patches around my knees/elbows/feet.

    My only complaint is that the colour doesn’t seem to last very long.

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