Fresh Faced: Fresh Rose Face Mask

Fresh Rose Face maskOf course as someone that’s really into beauty and skincare, I love my masks. I do a mask weekly (at the very least) and enjoy that the mask kind of forces me to relax.

The latest addition to my mask regimen is the Fresh Rose Face Mask. I love anything scented like roses so how could I not love this?

This mask is a gel formula that has actual rose petals in it, and is 50% rose water! It is hydrating and super refreshing on the skin – just leave it on for 10 minutes and wipe it off.

Completely refreshing and cooling, this mask is a must-have for the summer months because nothing will make your skin feel better after a day in the sun. The instructions say to use this mask daily, but I like using it when I’ve just come in from the sun because that’s when I feel like I need it the most. It’s also great to use before an event out because it will refresh your skin, tone it, and you’ll just look wide awake.

$63 at Sephora stores.

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