From the Archive: Estee Lauder Pleasures Delight

Had to pull out this old perfume – it’s more than 10 years old and you can find it on Amazon or other niche retailers.

I know that Estee Lauder Pleasures was a favourite for many women – I always meet women who say that they have purchased and then repurchased this scent since it’s release, and so it makes so much sense for Estee Lauder to introduce limited editions of Pleasures. There’s been Pleasures Exotic (which was more tropical), Pleasures Intense (a strong floral), and Pleasures Delight.

The original was fruity and floral and this new version is more gourmand. Sure, the opening notes are sweet fruits that will literally make your mouth water, but once they die down (rather quickly actually), you’ll see that the closing notes are much sweeter. Vanilla and caramel are the base notes of this perfume and they’re very warm. This is definitely a scent that will make your mouth water, and if you look for that in a fragrance, sniff this the next time you’re at an Estee Lauder counter.

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