Full Face Care from Spectro

Everyone wants to know what kind of cleanser they should be using and I guess it makes sense. Although switching your cleanser shouldn’t really make a huge change change in the condition of your skin, it is a product that you use atleast once a day and so using a good one is a good idea!

I’ve talked about it before, but I like to wash my face twice. Once with a gentle cleanser, or cleansing oil, and then another time with something more soapy. This isn’t for everyone, but it really works well for me.

If you have very dry skin or sensitive skin, or if you don’t wear any makeup, you should probably just stick to using a gentle cleanser, and there’s nothing better than Spectro Gel. Whether you use the kind for combination skin or the kind for sensitive skin, Spectro Gel is a mild gel cleanser without any foam or harsh chemicals in it. It also doesn’t have any fragrance or oil.

Because it’s so mild, it can be applied and then tissued off, or it can be rinsed.

For those who are already fans of Spectro Gel, there are now also Spectro HydraCare moisturizers that you can use to follow up your skincare routine. Like the Spectro Gel, the moisturizers are light and are fragrance free. They won’t irritate the skin, and they can calm dry skin.

The Spectro products can be found easily at most drugstores, and they are loved by many dermatologists because they are so gentle.  It’ll be a change from your harsh foaming face wash, but one that your skin will appreciate even if you don’t.

You can find both products at your local drugstore!

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