Georgio Armani Prive Couture Collection

I discovered the Armani Prive fragrance collection on a trip to the Armani cosmetics counter at Holt Renfrews, though that store does stock the collection in its regular perfume department as well. What immediately caught my eye was the plain black bottles with the gemstone caps. They were made so that the fragrance inside was preserved. Furthermore, every detail that was minimized only served to draw even more attention to the actual *smell* of the perfume.

Sniff taken, I was not disappointed. These scents are truly unisex and come in four formulae: Eau de Jade, Pierre de Lune, Ambre Soie, and Armani’s personal favourite, Bois D’Encens. Each can be worn alone or with another of the fragrances.

The scents themselves are rich and smoky, especially the Bois D’Encens and Ambre Soie, both of which I liked a lot. Eau de Jade and Pierre de Lune are a little lighter and sweeter, but only mildly so.

Interestingly, everyone that I’ve spoken to about these fragrances keep telling me that they are “one note” when that is definitely not the case. Anyone who knows something about real incense, at the very least, would know that it’s made up of a collection of spices – cinnamon, different woods, flowers, etc. Furthermore, incense scents can vary greatly – heck, you can even get strawberry scented incense these days, so saying that the Bois D’Encens is one note is very misleading. In the dry down I could smell something woody and something peppery, which means that this incense scent is more earthy and old-fashioned than any other.

All in all, I like the collection a lot – it’s interesting and the perfumes are good quality – they’re not over-powering and so you really can layer them without ending up smelling too strong. Anyone – male or female – who wants a fragrance that’s a little “different” and lux should check out the Armani Prive collection.

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