Gillette Odor Shield Body Wash Review

A few months ago, I received Gillette’s Odor Shield body wash in the mail, and wanting it to get a true test, I gave it to one of my smelliest most athletic friends so that he could try it out and review it for me.

Here is the text message I received – punctuation is mine:

“Hey, I used that stuff after hockey yesterday.  it’s amazing!  It gets hockey glove and helmet smell out.  I even used it after my game then went out to a club and 3 people said I smelled great!  Hahaha.  I’m gonna go buy a life time supply.”

And then…

“You don’t understand.  Even the Oldspice body wash cant’ get hockey glove smell of my hands.  Liquid dish soap don’t even work.  I usually gotta shower twice and then wash my hands with soap like 8 times!  God bless this soap.:

Clearly, this stuff does its job.  The Gillette Odor Shield line also comes in antiperspirant so you might want to team that with your regular products to give you even more odor protection.  This is the perfect product for men this summer, and you might want to consider it for Father’s Day!

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