Glamour, Interrupted by Steven Cojocaru

It’s time for a book review. I just finished reading Glamour, Interrupted by Steven Cojocaru.

Is everyone already familiar with Cojo? He used to be a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight and although I don’t watch that show, I do remember his red carpet coverage. He was zany and hilarious – not everyone’s taste but at least he wasn’t mean.

Anyway, I really wanted to read his book because of the Hollywood connection. And he’s a Canuck (from Montreal!).

Cojo was working in television until he found out that he had a debilitating disease and needed a kidney transplant. This is the story about his recovery and how he coped with his illness when it struck him during his prime.

His book is amazing. It’s so well written that 3 pages in, I had to flip to the front to see if he used a ghost writer (he didn’t) and more than once, I laughed out loud. Also, if you’re a fashion-savvy reader (and I know that most of you are), you’ll see that Cojo name drops a lot of famous products, brands, and designers which was fun to read about. More than anything else, they kept the book very real. It’s not about suffering or getting better. It’s about how a serious illness impinged on his “regular” life and routine and how he coped with that.

Thankfully, Cojo is now doing well (I’m not spoiling anything, he’s been on TV already) and I hope that he goes on to write more books! Pick this one up – I think that many of you will enjoy it.

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  1. bitterbabe February 24, 2008 at 10:30 pm #

    oooh i didn’t know he was a canadian! sounds interesting!!

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