Go Smile Teeth Whitening System

GoSmile Teeth Whitening System

I just finished using the Go Smile B1 Tooth Whitening System and I have to say that it is by far the most easy to use tooth whitening system available on the market.

The system comes as a set of 20 ampules, and you use 2 a day. You rub the solution on your teeth and then let it rest for 20 minutes while it does its thing. 10 days later: whiter teeth!

If you’re looking for a system that you can use easily and have had it with those strips, then just get this. I think you’ll like it. Available online.

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2 Responses to Go Smile Teeth Whitening System

  1. Candace says:

    I have also used this product & absolutely loved it. My friends did not know I was using it, but they kept commenting on how good my teeth looked. I used them over a year ago & the whiteness lasted a long time. I am ordering another set for the new year.

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