#GoBeyondClean with Neutrogena Deep Clean

If you’ve grown up struggling with acne, then you’d be familiar with the Neutrogena Deep Clean cleanser, which originally came in an orange and white tube.  I first heard about it from my cousins who used it all the time, and they always said that the minty tingly feeling meant that it was working.

Well now, there are a host of new products in the Deep Clean lineup, including a mask, a Purifying gel scrub, a mask/cleanser, micellar water, and wipes.

Of everything available, the Micellar Water and the Deep Clean Wipes are my favourite.  I’m a sucker for products that get a lot of makeup off and don’t leave a residue, and they’re refreshing to use, which is such a plus in the summer!

Look for these in drugstores now.  $9.97 each.

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