Gwyneth Paltrow – Shocking!

This has nothing at all to do with anything, but I thought I’d post a picture of what Gwyneth Paltrow wore to the special screening of her movie Country Song since everyone is going to be talking about it anyway. I hope that she mentions the dress and how she is fit enough to wear it in one of her editions of Goop.

Personally, I’m all for Gwyneth dressing however she wants, but I’m finding the lacing to be a little tacky.

What do you think of the dress?

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7 Responses to Gwyneth Paltrow – Shocking!

  1. Frida says:

    Tacky? please, we can barely see anything…90% of her body is covered…

  2. Henna says:

    Yeah but the 10% she’s showing is where the lacing of her dress is coming undone!

  3. Emily says:

    Henna, I agree with you. She certainly has the body to wear it. But it’s Hollywood so she has to prove that she is not getting old and can still compete with the young starlets.

  4. Alison says:

    I really want to love this! Everything else- her hair and makeup, the rest of the dress- should balance it out, but there’s something about the lacing that is really off-putting. A sheer panel would’ve been perfect, I think.

  5. Henna says:

    Yes! Even a see through panel would be good but tacky lacing reminds me of shoelaces!

  6. Elena says:

    Personally, I find it quite okay – I would like it more in black, also because she looks severely washed out with this perpetually blonde hair, sickly makeup and white ethereal outfits: she always looks as if she were greeting earthlings from a cloud several feet above the ground.
    Tacky? Only because you can guess that she isn’t wearing panties? Mmm… even if so, still much less than other starlets letting you know directly! 😉

  7. Lizzy says:

    Oooohhhh- that’s a pretty awful dress! How did her stylist let her get past him in this thing? She pays somebody to keep her well dressed but it didn’t work out here.

    Frederic’s of Hollywood. Ever seen those ads in the back of magazines for Las Vegas clothes? This is like the hooker jumpsuits. And that blazing blue white in winter? It might be less offensive in red. Or any color.

    There are so many great desiners who’d love to dress her and could show off the body with out going all stripper on it. A bare as all get out midriff would be better than the “Look! No panties OR a bra” scream of this dress.


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