Hair Oils – The High And The Low

You just can’t escape it: hair oils are here to stay.  MoroccanOil remains the gold standard in the the arena thanks to their use of pure argan oil, and they’ve made it ok to now put oil in your hair, whereas in earlier years, oil was associated with a greasy unclean look.  We now see that oils can help aid in hydration and healthy growth!

So when every company from Kerastase to L’Oreal is on the bandwagon, how do you decide which products worth and which ones are really worth the money?

Let me help you out by using two new hair oils on the market as an example.

The first: costly and top of the line, it’s Kiehl’s new Magic Elixir Hair Oil.  This is a treatment oil that you put in your hair prior to shampooing.  It’s meant to be left in for hours so that you get the most restoration possible.  The oil is a blend of Rosemary, Avocado, Safflower and Palm oils.  It also has Omega 6’s which are proven to help keep hair healthy.  Because this is meant to be a treatment, you know that the quality of ingredients is important, and Kiehl’s is known for using natural ingredients and only the best.  The Rosemary in this hair oil makes it smell absolutely divine, and it’s light and easy to apply into the hair.  At almost $30 for the bottle, you’re getting what you pay for, and that’s a quality hair treatment.

The second product: Dove Nourishing Oil Serum.  Yes, for as little as $5 you can buy a hair serum that has oil in it!  And guess what? The difference in price is totally justified because this is a hair serum not a treatment.  There’s oil in this serum – but it’s actually mostly dimethicone which means that it’s going to sit on top of the hair shaft instead of penetrating within and actually repairing the hair.  That said, for the price this hair serum is actually pretty great.  It lightly moisturizing and leaves hair ultra shiny and soft.  The little bottle is fine because you only need a bit of the serum to calm down frizzies and end up with great hair.  You won’t get the fab earthy smell like the Kiehl’s product, and you won’t get intense hair repair, but no serum would be able to give you that anyway.

Dollar for dollar, there’s obviously a big difference between Kiehl’s and Dove.  The ingredients in any Kiehl’s product are going to be more concentrated, so it’s best to invest in treatments that you can afford to use regularly.  No matter what, your hair is going to benefit from using a product that has some oils in it, whether you’re using MoroccanOil or Dove.  I love trying the new Argan oil infused products from any brand because I do feel that my hair benefits from them even if there’s just a tiny amount of the active ingredient in the product.

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